BWG is creating the best mobile games with AAA partners around the globe.


BWG provides a turnkey solution for distributing to key markets and reaching more gamers!

Main Focus

Content Creation and Acquisition

  • Access to content from Hollywood studios, with opportunities to co-produce and leverage its marketing power.
  • Provide monetization opportunity to independent game developers who own great games without marketing strength.


BWG operates in association with local partners to capture global audiences and increase revenue.

  • Direct Publishing: Apple, Google, Amazon.
  • Channeling: messaging apps, local publishers, global platforms.

Marketing Strategy

Today’s marketers are focused on getting customers to download and install apps, and not focused on retention.
BWG’s focusing on:

  • Bringing the Best Games to draw users.
  • Marketing and User Acquisition centered on Engagement of players to increase Monetization and drive Retention.
  • Enhancing player’s Experience with Content and support to engage and retain players.

Only thing that matters is Engagement, the new currency! more gamers!