• Title: Cookie, Please
  • Commercial Model: Free To Download (IAP)
  • Lead Platform: Android (Google)
  • Engine/size : CoCo2D Engine / 46MB


  • Take an exciting cookie trip with the cute red riding hood.
  • Use one stroke control to clear 100 missions!
  • Feel the crispy cookie exploding and various item effects.
  • Enjoy the diverse characters’ stories unfolding over 10 chapters.

How to Play

  • Each stage has different missions
  • Achieve the missions within the limit to succeed
  • Link the more than 3 same cookie blocks to break them
  • Make items by long linking or combination, and click them to use instantly
  • You can buy special items before and during the game

Key Factors

  • Anipang type puzzle with one stroke control and infinite time
  • Exclusive design with fairytale style illustration
  • Carefully arrange and combine items to achieve the strategic missions
  • Charming community contents like question mark box and sending flowers


  • Luxurious and warm design looks like a fairytale book
  • Allocate items cleverly and combine them to progress the game as you want
  • Form a strong community by sending and receiving social contents(flower)

Game Structure

  • A total of 10 chapters and 100 stages
  • Stages with various concepts including Creating and combining items / removing blocks / time attack
  • Characters appear according to each chapter’s storyline

Social Integration

  • Fun community game contents(flower)
  • Send a gift to one of your kakaotalk friends when the level clear result is 3 crowns
  • Flower is the key to open question mark box(Gacha)
  • Whenever you make a record for each stage, you can send a bragging message
  • Expose friends’ results for comparison to encourage motive for achievement/growth

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Cookie, Please