Revive, Ultraman!!!

union_crush01Ultraman was first aired as a TV series, “Ultra Q”, through Tsuburaya productions, in 1966. Riding on its popularity, it produced numerous series and dozens of remakes. Ultraman is remembered as a legend of the living Tokusatsu with “Godzilla” until now.

Starting from the best prime series “Ultraman Taro (1973)”, Ultraman has fully established its world with 6 Ultra brothers and their parents. Ultra brothers: Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultraseven, Jack, Ace, Taro and their mother and father have been recognized as the most powerful character ever since.

Ultramania once again starts the Great War for the Peace of the Earth and the universe. The best superheroes of the Ultraman Series, 6 Ultra brothers, fight the Great War with notorious monsters who kept their popularity over the last 50 years.

Let us protect the peace of earth, together with saints of the Kingdom of Light.

Ultraman and the Ultra brothers

Produce unique action of

  • Provides the original Ultraman as a default
  • Unique attack action and the hand knife beam Specium ray attack; which represents the Ultraman.
  • Defense action that utilized the shield gauge
  • Provided Ultraman Taro and Ultra Seven which surpass the Original Ultraman
  • Will be providing Ultramans constantly with variety of features through updates.

Enemies of Ultraman, The Extreme Monster Army

union_crush05Revenge of evil villains 

  • Only the popular monsters among the Ultraman series were selected
  • Higher class monsters produce unique disturbing patterns causing confusion

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Ultraman Union Crush