Heroic Defense / WAVE Arcade


Like “Army of Darkness” and “Samurai vs. Zombies Defense,” the latest game in the Ultraman series is of the heroic defense genre. Ultraman Seven, Taro, the lead character at the front line, with his parents, brothers, and even Hanuman, must fight to protect the Z.A.T from monster troops that came to conquer Earth.


The player wins if all attack waves of the monster troops are cleared and the Z.A.T. is successfully defended.

The player loses if Ultraman Taro dies, or the Z.A.T. is destroyed.

Game Elements

  • WAVE – Each wave represents a game stage. With each wave, different monsters are sent out in varying amounts.
  • Ultraman Taro – The hero. The user controls Taro to fight against monsters. Taro can level up and develop more skills.
  • Ultraman brothers and Z.A.T. unit – Taro’s comrades. Each can be summoned with a different number of “Friendship Points,” and they can then be leveled up. This is an essential factor!
  • 30+ popular monsters – Monsters are classed as “Boss”, “Elite” or “Normal”. Monsters get stronger with each wave.
  • Defense Tower – The user must level up their “Defense Tower” and “Ultra Bell” to defend the Z.A.T. against enemies.
  • Etc. – Bonus WAVE, Laurel Crown (Resurrection item), Ultra Ball (Gacha Item), Superior Ultra Time Attack mode, etc.


1. Ultraman Taro (Hero) Level-up 

Taro is leveled up in heroic elements “Skill”, “Friendship Gage”, “Z.A.T.,” and “Defense Tower”.

  • Skill – Taro has a variety of skills (“Ultra Kick,” “Atomic Punch,” “Storium Beam,” etc.) that may be earned by specific game play conditions. These skills are especially helpful for gameplay if their power is increased by leveling up.
  • Friendship Gage and Z.A.T – If the Friendship Gage is leveled up, then the rate at which the gage fills increases. If the Z.A.T. levels up, its H.P increases, making defense easier.
  • Defense Tower – The user may deploy two “Defense Towers” that shoot missiles and one “Defense Tower” of the “Ultra Bell” type, which decreases the enemies’ attack speed. Towers’ power may be leveled up.

2. Comrade (Unit) Level-up

  • The user may find or earn comrades as they meet specific conditions, such as specific numbers of waves defeated.
  • The comrades that a user earns/finds can be summoned when the friendship gage is adequately filled.
  • Comrades can fight monsters with the same A.I., and they can be summoned repeatedly as long as the required conditions are fulfilled.
  • Each comrade has its own skills. For example, Ultraman Zoffy has powerful attack skill, while Ultraman Mother has healing powers.
  • Z.A.T. units generally require less friendship points. They specialize in air defense/offense and speed. Z.A.T. units may be leveled up.

3. Major Sales Elements

  • Ultra-Ball (Gacha) – During gameplay, the user earns Ultra-Balls that, with money and gems, can be opened by the “Ultra Incubator.”
  • Ultra Incubator – This is the machine that opens “Ultra Balls.” It requires “Gems,” which can either be collected during gameplay or be purchased through real cash transactions.
  • Ultra Badge – Only one usage per wave. They significantly help gameplay.

There are various kinds of badges, and they can do things like increase the critical damage amount, allow for automatic money/gem collecting, etc. They all can be purchased in the shop with Gems.