Horizontal Scroll Run game


Like “Tiny Wings” and “Wind Runner,” “Ultraman Union GoGo” is a horizontal scroll run game. The user runs forward while wiping out all the monster troops that have come to invade planet M78 (Ultraman’s home planet). The user chooses an Ultraman to control as it runs through the game collecting the Storium Energy that the enemy drops.


The user competes with other players to achieve the larger run distance, which is done by collecting Storium Energy.

The game is over when Ultraman touches an obstacle or falls into a hole.

Game Elements 

  • Run – The play screen automatically moves from left to right. Simple touch input makes the chosen character jump and attack. The character moves forward automatically.
  • Ultramen – At the beginning of each game, the user can choose one of nine Ultramen. Each Ultraman’s skill and attributes can be leveled up.
  • Union GoGo – A max of three Ultramen can be summoned in-game. The Ultraman at the front can attack, and the following Ultramen can give buffs to help gameplay.
  • Fever Time! – Fever Time is activated when enough Storium Energy is collected. When activated, the main Ultraman becomes Super Ultraman and moves forward in invincible mode for a while.
  • Pet System – A variety of pets with various passive buffs can be summoned to move with the Ultraman.
  • Etc – Laurel Crown (resurrection item), Ultra Ball (Gacha Item), M78 Ultra Runners (Competition), etc.


1. Ultraman Level-up 

Level-up is available for basic abilities (Striking power and H.P.) and unique skills (buffs).

  • Basic abilities – Each Ultraman has a different striking power and stamina level. Power increases as the level increases.
    Supplemental abilities such as Point-up and Money-up may be upgraded as well.
  • Buffs – A variety of buffs are available, including explosion, poison, spring, healing, big jump… These may be upgraded by leveling up.

2. Pet System

  • Pets may be earned by opening Ultra Balls. Comrade characters can open Ultra Balls.
  • Pets help gameplay in various ways. Ex. Easy money collecting, increasing booster time, activating shield, etc.
  • The pet belongs to the character, so level-up is not necessary.

3. Major Sales Elements

  • Ultra-Ball (Gacha) – During gameplay, the user earns Ultra Balls that can be exchanged for pets and Ultra Badges through the “Ultra Incubator.”
  • Ultra Incubator – This is the machine that opens “Ultra Balls.” It requires “Gems” for usage. Gems may either be collected during gameplay or be purchased through real cash transactions.
  • Ultra badge – Only one usage per wave. They significantly help gameplay.

There are various kinds of badges, and they can do things like increase the critical damage amount, allow for automatic money/gem collecting, etc. They all can be purchased in the shop with Gems.